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2016 Ural Gear-Up

$21 950
$16 750

2016 Ural Gear-Up

Custom Ural! Olive Drab! 2WD! Black Engine! Undercoating! Driving Lights! Arm Rests! Special Order!

Gear Up for Your Next Adventure…

We’ve designed our Gear-Up to you take to incredible places. Equipped standard with 2WD, spare tire, luggage rack, sidecar bumper and high-intensity spotlight, it’ll be hard to sit still.

2WD – When The Road Ends, The Adventure Begins.

The Gear-Up’s legendary 2 Wheel Drive has made it the bike of choice for adventure riders all over the world.

Terrain can change quick, good thing your Ural can too. The Gear-Up can switch between single-wheel drive and the unbelievable traction of dual-wheel drive with the flip of a lever.

Room To Share

With a sidecar and trunk you’ll have enough room for all your favorite gear (or people) during your next ride.

The Gear-Up provides you space for your everyday needs, whether it’s camping gear or that last minute grocery run, you’ll no longer need to worry about strapping it to your bike, or back.

Type Urals
Category Sidecar
Year 2016
Mileage 692
Color Green
Vin X8JMH0376GU226459