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2012 Honda CBR 250R

2012 Honda CBR 250R

Low Miles!! Clean! Fuel Injected! Liquid Cooled! 6-Speed Transmission! Lightweight! 17 Inch Wheels! Sporty Ergonomics! 3.4 Gallons of Fuel! Multifunction Digital Instrument Pannel!

Do smart and fun fall into your equation for the ideal vehicle? If so, the 2012 Honda CBR250R is the perfect bike for you. The CBR250R has user-friendly operation and comfortable size and weight that make it perfect for novice riders or those stepping up to a bigger bike! But if experienced riders overlook it because they think engine displacement is the sole measure of a motorcycle’s appeal, then they’ll be missing out on a bike that redefines fun on two wheels. Purpose-built just for this bike, the CBR250R’s 249 cc liquid-cooled single features PGM-FI electronic fuel injection, DOHC four-valve cylinder head, a 10,500 rpm redline, stacked transmission shafts, and more… it all adds up to an engine that’s easy to use in the stop-and-go of the city, and right at home on the open road or during track days, too. The compact size of the engine was a key element in allowing engineers to create a sporty chassis and rider ergonomics that comfortably fit riders big and small. With its centralized mass, compact wheelbase, full-size 17-inch wheels, nimble steering geometry and light overall weight, the CBR250R achieves that magical state of feeling like it’s responding to your very thoughts.

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Type Motorcycles
Category Sportbike
Year 2012
Mileage 3339
Color Black, Burgundy, Silver
Vin MLHMC4107C5201302