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2016 Tanom Invader TC-3

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2016 Tanom Invader TC-3

2016 Tanom Invader TC-3

The Invader TC-3 Coupe incorporates the universal design and performance features in a permanent fixed roof (coupe) format. The TC-3 Coupe format reduces the driver and passenger exposure to the sun, wind and elements while still maintaining a lot of the sound and open air experience of a motorcycle. This enclosed format, with a permanent fixed roof, also currently allows the Invader TC-3 to be driven in 45 States without a helmet; and in States with Autocycle legislation, without a motorcycle endorsement. In addition to the universal Invader design and performance features, the TC-3 Coupe can be customized with exciting colors, chrome packages, and other options shown in the Invader Standard and Optional Equipment Table.

-Sparco Race Seats

-Alpine Head Unit

-Focal Powered Subwoofer

-High-Flow Air Filter

-Race Harness

-Custom Tune


Type Tanom Invaders
Category Tanom Invader
Year 2016
Mileage 7900
Color Green